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The 5 Types Of Sacrifice

The 5 Types of Sacrifice

The Five Levitical Offerings

The sacrificial system was ordained by God and placed at the very center and heart of the life of the people of Israel.   Leviticus chapters 1-7 is completely dedicated to the 5 Levitical offerings which were the main sacrifices used in the rituals. They describe 5 kinds of sacrifices or offerings:

  • Bull Burnt offering

    Burnt Sacrifice Lev 1:3-17

    The burnt offering was a sacrifice that was completely burnt. None of it was to be eaten at all, and therefore the fire consumed the whole sacrifice. It is also important to note that the fire on the altar was never to go out. The worshipper brought a male animal without blemish to the Tabernacle. The Burnt offering was performed to atone for the peoples sins against the Lord

  • Grain offering

    Grain Offering Lev 2:1-16

    Leviticus chapter 2 mentions 4 kinds of cereal offerings and gives cooking instructions for each.  All meal offerings were made with oil and salt without honey and no leaven.  The purpose of the meal offering was an offering of gifts and speaks of a life that is dedicated to generosity and giving.

  • Oxen Peace offering

    Peace Offering Lev 3:1-17

    The peace offering was a meal that was shared with the Lord, the priests, and sometimes members of the Israelite community. The worshipper was to bring a male or female oxen, sheep, or a goat to the Tabernacle.

  • Sin offering

    Sin Offering Lev 4 & 5

    The sin offering cleansed the worshippers unintentional weaknesses and failures before the Lord. Sins of the high priest required the offering of a young unblemished bull, the sins of the leaders required the offering of an unblemished male goat and members of the Israelite community were required to bring female animals as an offering in accordance with their means.

  • Trespass offering of money

    Trespass Offering Lev 6:1-7

    The trespass offering was  similar to that of the sin offering except that the trespass offering was an offering of money for unintentional sins related to property.  The sacrifice value was to be equal to the amount taken, plus one-fifth to the priest and to the one offended.

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