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Updates Underway

Updates underway

Finally after a journey of being hacked and BinLadenised; we are back on track with a new more secure server, but a new format. Joomla was great and I loved their template I was using and had really got used to working online. I am still getting used to WordPress but lost so much of what I did online because I didn’t understand how to save it, so the update was done offline in Word and uploaded. It looks different and is ten┬ápages longer. There are always new insights to add, so I’ll endeavor to keep up. We are missing a chief tour guide with fluent Hebrew, so are continuing to pray, search and ask.

I keep encouraging myself, as I do you, stay in God’s Word; He paid a high price to have an intimate relationship with you.

Blessings from Alimae

Author: alison

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