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About the Presenter

Why this article?

I was told some people like to know who is behind what is presented.

(For those who are waiting for the booklet GOD’s Mud Baby, it was published on 8th Jan 2012.)

For those interested in more details………

I have been involved with the Tabernacle project at Park Timna in the Negev in Israel since September 1999 when the model was first erected there. I was a volunteer off and on for 8 years and was a sewer of curtains, night guard (extremely temporary), and tour guide until 2007 when I became one of the paid guides.

What surprised me the most was the lack of Biblical knowledge both I and fellow believers had regarding what is actually written in the Bible. Like most of us, I had listened to Bible stories and preachers all my life but never really studied the details for myself. I even just repeated the things I was taught to say about the Tabernacle; until 2007 when I became serious about finding out what was really written and started reading the Hebrew as best I could. I had a lot of encouragement from a friend who was studying Biblical Hebrew and his insights sparked off in me a burning desire to study The Word and ask God to open my eyes that I could truly see. There are now things that I don’t see clearly in The Word so I leave them out of the tour; but there are other things I see that have so challenged me and left me astounded at the precision and clarity, that I now include them in the tour. I have been challenged to become a Berean and check out what I hear for myself in The written Word of God. (For those who may be offended with the use of God and not G-d; I see that God Himself revealed His name to Moses and the prophets. He wants to be known by name; to have a personal relationship with us, so I use the version with the vowels added. I know His name is truly unpronounceable for us but I love to hear the children I work with trying to call me by name. I know who they mean when they call me, my favorite being <ïso>; miss out the vowels and I’d be s.! I’m sure God loves to hear us call out to Him by name.)

I’ve heard many stories from the Bible that I’ve never seen written there. One repeated story bears mention: the High priest wearing the bells of his priestly garments into the Holy of Holies on Yom Kippur and of having a rope tied around his ankle in case he died and his body had to be pulled out. Sounds plausible and dramatic, besides 2 of the sons of Aaron did die in the Holy place because of disobedience, only problem is……it never happened. Read the procedure for Yom Kippur in Leviticus 16 and see for yourselves. Maybe in the Temple when the priests dishonored the Holy items or God refused to accept the sacrifice given? But even that I haven’t yet seen written in the Bible.

More and more I feel the accountability of the responsibility of rightly dividing the word of truth 2 Timothy2:15. Therefore I also share, discuss, listen to and check out what other Bible scholars have seen in their study of the Word.

Scripture interprets Scripture. We must read all in context and keep reading the WHOLE counsel of God. Taking Scripture out of context leads to vain doctrines and profane old wives’ fables. 1 Timothy4:1-7.

Who am I?

I grew up in a Bible (both Torah and Brit Hadashah) believing home with both my Mum and Dad living as examples of those who put their trust and faith in the completed work of The Messiah (The Christ) on the cross. Dad always told us that God has no grandchildren, only children, and you cannot coast on your parents belief; you must search out, choose and believe on the Name of the LORD Yeshua for yourself. We are not from a Jewish background and until I came in contact with the local Jewish community when I was at University, I knew nothing of their customs. I ended up being the ‘shabbis goy’ for the community and the rabbis’ family on Shabbat and Yom Kippur.

My Dad was an Anglican minister and a ”Navigator”, memorising scripture with references for and aft. I am not so proficient, and if I can’t find it in the concordance, I still ring Dad for the references! I can remember the verse but not always where to find it. This powerpoint presentation of the Tabernacle was born in Dad’s office in Jan 2009, on a trial copy of power point 2007. I had flown 50hrs since leaving home in Israel until I arrived to my family for a visit. I was SICK with flu, sinusitis and whatever! Typing on the computer, lying on the floor using Dad’s “ falling to pieces” concordance, cheering loudly when Holy Spirit guided me to another relevant scripture, with Dad rushing in to see what had happened and if I was O.K. Those were an intense 2-3 weeks. Since then, MANY more weeks and countless hours have gone into this. (Also thanks to Leah in Lower Hutt for spending her time converting it to 2003 version so it could be shown on most computer systems). Now as I finally record the narration, I am again stuffed up with flu and sinusitis; 1yr and 4 months later!! (I was well in between!)

My education background is in science where I completed a BSc in Botany and Zoology in 1977, Victoria University and a Post Grad. Dip. Hort Sci. at Massey University in 1980. Both in New Zealand. My evolution prof would keep telling us that we needed as much faith, if not more, to believe in evolution, as it takes to believe in creation. He organized an open debate at the university with Dr Gish, a well known creationist. You can imagine the sparks that flew that day!

I have since had close to 22 years research experience in Horticulture and Fisheries both in New Zealand and Israel. I have been asked more than once about my total belief in the literal written Word of God. How can I as a scientist believe such things now that I have been trained and am qualified in the real truth? My answer is, that science proves more of the Bible that it supposedly disproves. Like Ken Ham, another creationist says, after the flood what do you expect to find? Millions of fossils!. Many of the ‘proofs’ of evolution have now been exposed as hoaxes (even back in my Uni days it was happening, but the text books still remain unchanged in the light of such revelation). The more ‘new’ discoveries I read about in Scientific journals, just underline what God has already revealed to us in His Word. Science in many ways is completely neutral. It’s the way the individual looks at the results that determines what he or she portrays to the world at large as being “proof” for the theories they hold dear. Also scripture can always be taken out of context and made to fit any convenient theory or belief you may want to aspire to. Even Satan did this when testing Yeshua; but Yeshua knew how to use the whole council of God and use the truth of Scripture to counter Satan’s misuse of the written Word. Beware, Satan still uses the same technique with us today through those we listen to and even our own minds if we are not alert; he is an expert at quoting Scripture out of context, and it sounds so right!! Check EVERYTHING out yourself in Scripture with a prayerful and open heart. The Bible is the only ancient writing where the author is still alive and available to ask questions of and to give correct answers. If things seem confusing etc, put it to the LORD and leave it there. He will answer you in His time. (God’s phone number if you are interested; Jeremiah 33:3 Call unto Me and I WILL answer you…..) You will find, if you exercise patience, that Scripture does not contradict itself. We live in an ”ínstant” generation; I want NOW, I deserve, I have no time to wait……….. God’s Word so often states; they that……….Wait on the LORD…….. I could quote verse after verse but I’m sure you get the point.

I haven’t included my name in all of this, not because I’m ashamed of it, but because I’m not interested in “being known”. I am a nameless, faceless servant of the Most High God and I only want His name glorified; His truth shared abroad. I’m just a hungry beggar showing you where I found food… Take it or leave it.

Quotes a friend wanted me to write in a book, which I’ll probably never get around to writing, so here goes:

It’s not my responsibility, but my response to His ability

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