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Climate & Activities in the area

Are there other interesting places in the area to visit?

Hai Bar animal reserve is about 3 mins North from the Timna Park turn off on Highway 90.  You can find Trip Advisor reviews about Hai Bar
here and information from the Israel National Parks site here.

Eilat is 25 mins South of the Timna Park turn off on Highway 90 and has many attractions including water sports and desert tours, the Coral World Underwater Observatory,  and the Dolphin Reef.

What are the temperatures?

The area is very hot in the summer months and more moderate during the winter.

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What can I do in Timna park besides visit the Tabernacle?

There are various Archeological sites and those of natural beauty and trip advisor has some reviews. Walking and biking trails. Bicycles are available at the entrance and at the Lake, for hire. You will need to check on the prices but as of Sept 2018 they are 20 shekels an hour. A helmet is provided and a phone number in case of emergency, (just be aware that there is not complete coverage in the park, in some areas there is no phone service). You will get a map with the trails marked; some are easy and some for experienced riders only.
Walking trails are also marked on the map (available in several languages), You will find more information on tourisrael and on Timna Park’s own site.
There is no public transport available in the park (neither to and from the park), if you do not come in a private car or tour bus then you can bike, walk or hitch a ride from other visitors.

You can fill bottles (provided in the entrance fee) with sand; paddle boat (for and extra cost) on Timna Lake; drink a free Herbal tea and buy refreshments at the restaurant by the Lake; as well as purchase souvenirs at the gift-shop, also by the Lake.

What is the best season to come?

Spring (March – May) and Autumn (September – November) are the most pleasant times, they are also the busiest times due to Israel’s High Holidays.
For those from colder climates, the winter months here (December – February) are a welcome relief from the minus temperatures.


Accessibility at the Tabernacle?

The Tabernacle is accessible to people with disabilities. The access road to the Tabernacle is gravel with Vehicle parking near the entrance. The grounds at and around the Tabernacle are soft sand.
It is possible to park in the restaurant car-park which is paved; then you must walk over rough ground for about three to four minutes to reach the Tabernacle entrance.

Are there activities for children?

There is a simple playground next to the lake.
Paddle boats in the lake. These are an extra charge and must be booked with the staff at the gift-shop. Life vests are provided and instructions from the staff must be complied with.
Free bottles for colored sand are included with the price of the park entrance and can be received on presentation of the coupon to the staff at the gift-shop. The sand is under a covered area outside of the gift-shop. The staff will give instructions for filling and sealing of the bottles.

Are there any food services at the park?

Park Timna operates a Middle Eastern Vegetarian restaurant located next to Timna lake which is very close to the Tabernacle.

Are there restrooms available to the public?

There are restrooms (including wheelchair access) within the gift-shop/restaurant building next to Timna lake, near the Tabernacle; also more are available at the entrance/exit to the park.

Can I camp in the park?

There are camping spaces for private tents; covered buildings for groups and families; luxury tent/caravans and limited rooms for hire (around Timna Lake).
When the park closes, campers have toilet and shower facilities available under the restaurant building.

There is an extra charge for camping or staying at the park and booking must be made in advance with the Timna Park office.
It is important to check with the park as at times it is not possible to stay due to previously planned events.

Prices & Bookings

Do I have to book for the Tabernacle?

If you come by private car then you don’t need to pre-book. There are set tour times:

On the High Holiday days there are additional tours at

Last tour on Fridays is 13:30
First tour on Shabat (Saturday) is 12:30

Private groups and Tour Company groups must pre-book a time, (which can be outside of the set tour times as well as at the set times). If you don’t book you may find there is no time slot available for you to enter. The first available booking time is 8:30am as it takes time to drive from the entrance (open at 8am) to the Tabernacle and to disembark.
Also if you want to change the time or day please stay in touch with the Tabernacle staff. This is very important, especially if you are running late.

How much does it cost to enter the park?

The prices change from time to time so it is best to check with the Timna Park office for up-to-date information.
As of September 2018 an adult is 49 shekels and a child is 39 shekels. Charges are per person.
If you come in an organized group, the prices are set with your travel agency.

What hours are the park and Tabernacle open?

The park is open from 8am to 4pm Saturday to Thursday and 8am to 3pm on Friday.
The Tabernacle is open 9am until 4pm (or until the last tour finishes) Sunday to Thursday
9am to 2pm (or until the last tour finishes) on Friday
12:30pm to 4pm (or until the last tour finishes) on Saturday (Shabat)


How can I get to Timna Park?

On an organized tour with a tour company.
In a private car or Hire car.
In a Taxi.
By Bicycle.
By Public bus to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or BeerSheva, exiting at the Eliphas/Timna Park stop then by walking about 5km to the park entrance. From there to walk or hitch-hike or hire a bike.

There is no public bus service to, through and from Park Timna.

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