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What can I do in Timna park besides visit the Tabernacle?

There are various Archeological sites and those of natural beauty and trip advisor has some reviews. Walking and biking trails. Bicycles are available at the entrance and at the Lake, for hire. You will need to check on the prices but as of Sept 2018 they are 20 shekels an hour. A helmet is provided and a phone number in case of emergency, (just be aware that there is not complete coverage in the park, in some areas there is no phone service). You will get a map with the trails marked; some are easy and some for experienced riders only.
Walking trails are also marked on the map (available in several languages), You will find more information on tourisrael and on Timna Park’s own site.
There is no public transport available in the park (neither to and from the park), if you do not come in a private car or tour bus then you can bike, walk or hitch a ride from other visitors.

You can fill bottles (provided in the entrance fee) with sand; paddle boat (for and extra cost) on Timna Lake; drink a free Herbal tea and buy refreshments at the restaurant by the Lake; as well as purchase souvenirs at the gift-shop, also by the Lake.

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