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Removing the new Tabernacle covering for repairs

Tabernacle Newsletter Edition 4

January to July 2017 Update on the Tabernacle

Well it’s high time I fill you in with what has been happening here. There has been a flurry of activity that has resulted in renewal inside and out of the replica here in Timna Park.

I had an intern from the Bible college that built the Tabernacle model 31 years ago. Her name is Zipporah and she came for the period of January-February and I did not want to let her go. She fitted in wonderfully and took the initiative to redraw and color the entrance sign. She dove straight in to studying and giving tours and could even do them in German.

We had and international group who came on 9th Feb and repainted the Holy Items, took out all the scoria and underfelt from the floor of the Tabernacle building and built a storage shed on the side of the office. They came to work for one day and I tell you, they worked almost non stop.

They divided themselves into 2 teams. One team went out to the Tabernacle and started by taking out the Holy Items and then removing all the old flooring material. The other team went to buy wood, tools and sealer for the shed. It was quite a journey down the highway with planks of wood sticking out the back of a hire van! The longest 40 minute drive to the Tabernacle I’ve made following the van with emergency blinkers going and watching nothing fell out. We did have to stop early on to revise our arrangement of all the wood. Even so we made it with no interruptions from traffic police.

Then the team painted the Holy items while the priest and High Priest took a break from standing, in the washbasin.

Around 3 weeks later a gever (a man)  from New Zealand arrived out of the blue and completed the inside of the storage shed and put the gate on hinges so it is much easier to open and close and lock.

He returned to New Zealand and built a smaller scale Tabernacle that fits on a long trailer. He is now driving around NZ teaching about the Tabernacle and it’s fulfillment in the Messiah. It is amazing who God sends to us. He already had the idea and was going to the USA to see a model there and God re-directed him to Israel and a rabbi in the North of Israel told him about the Tabernacle in Timna. Man plans his ways and God directs his paths!

New Zealand Tabernacle

Then in March a team from Denmark painted the shed with sealer and cleared out the storage caravan to re-sort all the left over, mud covered stuff from the flood in Oct 2015. Then over the next weeks we threw more than half of it out. The park was doing a big clean up themselves so we had big bins to throw the rubbish.

Finally also in March, our ripped Tachash was replaced by a brand new Tachash and everything was looking good until 2 months later, more or less, a big sand storm hit in May and ripped the back off the new Tachash.  Southern Arava sandstorm

The courtyard curtains survived as they are now shade cloth and let the wind through. Had they been the old canvas curtains, we would have had a lot of damage and expense in replacement of the curtains.

As it was, we had to take down the new Tachash on 3rd of June and send it to be repaired. The under curtains are still ripped and not in position (although they now reflect how it was with the coloured linen against the building). We are looking into getting new material and replacing them.  Removing the Tabernacle covering

The repaired Tachash came back on 15th June so the Tabernacle looks like the tabernacle again.

In other activities, we had a Family Archaeological dig by the Mushroom as part of the activities in the Park for Passover in April.

Also the Antiquities department came and spent time at new digs by Solomon’s Pillars.

A friend came from Germany so we visited various sites in the Park.

Many groups visited from overseas and locally, including the local regional school with several classes of 3rd graders who learn about the Tabernacle in their Torah studies, coming every year.

Groups and individuals are still visiting, although it is slowing down with the heat. We have been having temperatures of 46oC, even to 49oC earlier this week. With a little humidity, Eilat is suffering. It’s drier at the Park but still stinking HOT!!! The park now closes the gate at 13:00 as it is too hot in the afternoon. Very real danger of dehydration and heat stroke. We do the last tour at 12:30 and the restaurant at the lake closes at 14:00. I have some buses booked for 15:00 for several days this month. They must be desperate to come! I will wait for them, but most days I will leave at around 13:30 and go home to write the rest of the books to follow ‘God’s Mud Baby’.

I did take a semi sabbatical to do that, but an elderly friend was diagnosed with cancer so my 2 months was taken up with helping her. She has left to be with the Lord, so we now need to handle the practical aspects and give away a household of things. Karle cat is in shock and doesn’t understand why he can’t go into his house. He waits for me everyday to bring food. He finally lets me touch him after nearly 3 months of caring for him. I can’t take him home to a different neighborhood and a house with 3 cats and 2 dogs. I will keep feeding him and am praying that maybe whoever buys the house will adopt him. I will also see if a neighbor can help, but I will feed him as long as I’m able to. We so often don’t consider the cost to a beloved pet when his family is gone. Not a sparrow falls, but the Lord knows and cares.

So, I pray for a fruitful and safe summer for those in the Northern hemisphere; also fruitful and safe winter for those in the South. Many blessings, and may we all be grounded and rooted in the pure word of God.

Yours in the Messiah, Alimae.

Author: alison

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