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Tabernacle Newsletter April 2020

He is Risen. Hallelujah

Well, what do you know! Finally I’m writing another newsletter.
I went to visit my family in NZ mid Dec 2018, and came home to Israel on the last day of Feb 2019, and never got around to writing a newsletter for over a year.
Now look where we all are in April 2020; locked in our houses with physical restrictions on accessing the outside world. Travel to other places, including to our families, can’t happen. The National parks in Israel are closed, including Timna and therefore the Tabernacle, and our town of Eilat is closed to anyone except delivery trucks. We can only go out to walk the dog or for exercise, no more than 100 meters from our homes, or further, to get food and medication. Everything is now online; banking, school, dealing with government offices, shopping for electronics and other items and even meeting up for coffee or visiting friends and relatives. All the video conferencing interfaces are busy, and the internet slows down. But at least we have the internet! Our TV programs and communications are all via satellite and internet. New movies are being streamed where possible as no one can gather at theaters. All religious and other big gatherings are no more, so again, it’s a new day with meetings, services, orchestras and choirs, online, all participants in their own little thumbnail box on the computer or TV screen. After this, life will not be as it used to be, we will have a new ‘normal’ to adapt to. What the new ‘normal’ will be is unknown, we will have to wait and see. I think travel will be restricted if you haven’t been vaccinated, and maybe ID2020 will be reality for all of us. It seems as if we are in one of these futuristic Hollywood movies, and we can’t just walk out of the theater and go home to life as we know it. We are at war with a global pestilence, as in the days of the First World War and the outbreak of the so called ‘Spanish Flu’. Now instead of old black and white photographs, we are watching COVID-19 unfold in vivid color photos and videos. Thousands are being buried in mass graves without their families present. Will people know where their loved ones are? Those of us who have been redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb of God have this hope.  If we who are [abiding] in Christ have hoped only in this life [and this is all there is], then we are of all people most miserable and to be pitied.But now [as things really are] Christ has in fact been raised from the dead, [and He became] the first fruits [that is, the first to be resurrected with an incorruptible, immortal body, foreshadowing the resurrection] of those who have fallen asleep [in death]. For since [it was] by a man that death came [into the world], it is also by a Man that the resurrection of the dead has come.’ 1 Cor.15:19-21.

‘For the [remarkable, undeserved] grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men. It teaches us to reject ungodliness and worldly (immoral) desires, and to live sensible, upright, and godly lives [lives with a purpose that reflect spiritual maturity] in this present age, awaiting and confidently expecting the [fulfillment of our] blessed hope and the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior, Christ Jesus, who [willingly] gave Himself [to be crucified] on our behalf to redeem us and purchase our freedom from all wickedness, and to purify for Himself a chosen and very special people to be His own possession, who are enthusiastic for doing what is good.’ 
Titus 2:11-14.
This is the strongest and longest ‘birth pang’ on this earth to date. Matt.24:8; Mark 13:8.

We have a great opportunity now to give an account of the hope that is in us, to share this with our neighbors and friends, as we make contact over the phone or any other electronic means.

This time alone, uninterrupted, has inspired me to study and write. I have been meaning to study the Five Offerings in Leviticus for years now. It was so confusing to me and I put it off. During 2019, friends from Australia brought a group to the Tabernacle, and I myself happened to be visiting that day. (As you may recall, after my heart attack out there on Dec 8th, 2017, the doctor has said I cannot go back to work at the Tabernacle). My friends asked if I would write 6 small articles on the Tabernacle for their magazine which is published bi-monthly. I asked for permission to put them up on the website after they are published. As of April 2020, 3 have been published and are in the Extra Study section of the website. The third article is a summary of the five offerings, and I wrote that there would be a full study on the website. It has taken me three months reading, studying, praying, and I still know I have only touched the surface. There maybe more to add later, but that is how it is when we are walking with the Lord, there is always more to learn and put into practice. I knew Yeshua fulfilled all the offerings physically, in person, including the permanent daily, five designated, and the feasts of the Lord. Now I see how each of them are relevant to us personally. It has been, and is a challenge to me, to consider my response and how to bring these offerings, in the spirit, to God today. This study, as it stands now, is also uploaded in the Extra Study section.

I will now go back and pick up the threads of where I was in the writing of the last two childrens’ books; ‘Gods’ Earthly Thoroughfare’ and ‘Gods’ Ground-plan for Salvation’. I was ‘in the flow’, busy writing parts for both books, the day before my heart attack, but never got back to picking up where I left off. ‘Gods’ Mud-baby’ and Gods’ Global Reset’ are already available on the website.

During 2019, I went out to the Tabernacle a few times to bring paint and organize the painting of the Holy Items. Also, to give a couple of tours to groups that asked before hand if I would be their guide. It was a joy. Now I know the Lord has freed me up from the stress of keeping the place going, it is no longer my responsibility, and Ben is doing a great tour from scripture and his heart. 

I am free to study and write. I do miss the contact with people, the stimulating conversations, and I need to learn how to do that with you guys over the internet. I have no choice now. I need to do more with the Facebook page associated with the website and learn to use the social media mindset. I understand why my father at 94 years old has stopped using the computer. He says his forgettery is better than his memory now. I need to relearn how to use some of these computer programs. I leave it too long between newsletters and forget how to do it. Practice makes permanent.
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Enjoy your time, stay safe and well, and above all, do not allow fear to take over and rule in your life.  ‘For God did not give us a spirit of timidity or cowardice or fear, but [He has given us a spirit] of power and of love and of sound judgment and personal discipline [abilities that result in a calm, well-balanced mind and self-control].’ 2 Tim.1:7.

In Him we have a SOUND MIND. Amen

Author: alison

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