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Tabernacle Newsletter Edition 6

January - June 2018

It’s time again to bring you an update.

At the end of February into March we had groups of volunteers one after the other.

All the Holy items outside/inside were re-painted and the covering curtains were replaced. The group from Seguin Texas donated to us an industrial sewing machine.

Such a blessing, as it took me 3 days on my home sewing machine to get the curtains sewn. Now in one day, Stephanie sewed all the curtains.

Ben redesigned the cherub angels and made a wooden stencil which is much better than our old plastic stencils.

Also, Ben thought it was best to have the curtains as they were in the Bible; on the side from the base over the building. It means is exposes the supporting beams (not Biblical but necessary today to strengthen the building to stay standing year after year), but it looks great.

The team also lined the office with the help of the Danish young people that came immediately after the Texans and Ben is now finishing off with new flooring and electrical outlets.

In April we had a wonderful retired couple from the USA, Cathie and Dale, who came for 5 weeks to help by doing the tours, so Ben could keep on with the maintenance. They were such a blessing and I know they will continue to be ambassadors for the Tabernacle.

For the last 3 weeks of May we needed help from the rest of the team who live up North, mainly Jerusalem and Rishon. Ben worked really hard on his own between the groups and other helpers. It is very busy now all year. By word of mouth (mainly) people have heard about the Tabernacle in Timna and are now booking to come for tours. Also, there is a rise in buses just turning up without booking, which adds a lot of pressure. So, if you are a tour leader please remind your guide or tour company to book a day and time for your visit. It really is necessary for us, so we can organise the tours as much as possible, so every group gets time. Just so you know; the booked group gets precedence over the group that just turns up.

From the 3rd of June we now have a native- born Hebrew speaker helping Ben. She doesn’t know how long she can stay and help, but I am hoping it will be 4-5 months at least, as I hope the Doctor will give me permission to return to work, at least part-time. My next appointment to see the Industrial Doctor is in August. He is the doctor that gives approval to return to work, or not.

My update is that my heart seems stuck at 38% capacity (they did say at the time that it was severe damage) but the heart overall is taking up the work of the dead muscle. The Industrial doctor explained that my heart was undergoing major renovation and that is all it can handle at the moment. I have been walking each day as much as possible. I am learning when to stop physical activity and go rest. It happens sometimes so suddenly in the middle of things that I need to head for home. I am getting quite proficient with the buses and I have a transport card which gives me 50% discount because I am past 60 years of age. It means I can travel North for 50% discount, but I can’t yet cope with long hours on a bus and I’m not cleared for flying. Now after 6 months the Cardiologist gave me a stress test up to the level of walking up hill (no running yet!). He said no change in capacity, but I can now add 1kg weights when exercising, but never overdo it! I am feeling more energetic and am using the time to keep writing the children’s books. The first two are on the website for sale and now I’m well into ‘God’s Earthly Thoroughfare’.

It is weird not going out to work but I still keep in touch and enter all the data on the computer as Ben gives it to me. God is faithful and is providing from all sorts of sources. I have applied through normal channels but find, as I think you do, that the organisations are quick at getting money out of you, but slow to give it when you need it. I’m still finding it hard to slow down and relax mentally and have been concerned about Ben out there handling the everyday situations on his own. People remind me that he is young and better at saying ‘No’.

As events line up around the world, it is apparent that we are closer to the Lord’s return than ever before. Of course! Time goes forwards, not backwards. It has got me searching my life and looking at the areas that need the Holy Spirit to deal with. The old man is dead, but he won’t lie down, and Satan knows how to press his buttons! We are in a Spiritual war and can’t afford to go on holiday. I can see more of what Paul is talking about in verses like Philippians 3:14 I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

Blessings to you all and thanks for all your prayers on our behalf.


Author: alison

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