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Tribes of Israel

Number of men 20yrs old and above and able to go to war (Numbers 1&2)

Camp direction Tribal name Leader’s name Number of men Number in Army
East Judah Nahshon 74,600  
East Issachar Nethanel 54,400 186,400
East Zebulun Eliav 57,400  
South Reuben Elizur 46,500  
South Simeon Shelumiel 59,300 151,450
South Gad Eliasaph 45,650  
West Ephraim Elishama 40,500  
West Manasseh Gamaliel 32,200 108,100
West Benjamin Avidan 35,400  
North Dan Ahiezer 62,700  
North Asher Pagiel 41,500 157,600
North Naphtali Ahira 53,400  

Total number of the children of Israel was 603,550 : NOT including the Levite tribe, the elderly men, women, children or the believing strangers that travelled with them.
The 12 tribes were divided into 4 armies (the leaders are marked in bold)
Number of males 1 month old and above (Numbers 3&4)

Camp direction Tribal name Family name Leader’s name Number of males
West Levi Gershon Eliasaph 7,500
South Levi Kohat Elizaphan 8,600
North Levi Merari Zuriel 6,200
East Levi   Moses, Aaron & sons  

Total number of Levite males 1 month old and above was 22,000
Total number of First born of the children of Israel 1 month old and above was 22,273
God took all the Levite males instead of the First born of Israel, and for the 273 extra 5 shekels each was paid to redeem them.

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