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We offer the possibility of volunteering at the Tabernacle.

Individuals, couples or groups have come for days, weeks or months depending on the time they have available.

If you come from outside the country you need to enter on a visitors visa as we cannot arrange for volunteer visas like some organizations in the country.
At the moment, you will need to organize you own accommodation. There are excellent sites such as and airb&b, Kibbutz Eliphaz guest house, Youth hostel association, various hotels/hostels and The Shelter Hostel which is popular with volunteers here for a day to a few weeks.

The work is various and can include maintenance activities; including cleaning, replacing ropes, construction as well as bigger projects of replacing curtains, painting the Holy Items, painting cherubim on material, taking down or putting up the main covering (All hands on deck!).


We have so far had one student from the Bible College that originally built this model of the Tabernacle. It was for two months and the college provided the requirements for their student, and we happily complied and wrote a corresponding report.

We are willing to be involved with more projects of this type.

Please check with your college if the Tabernacle will fit their particular requirements and contact us so we can correspond with you. Should your Professor or supervisor wish to contact us for more details, please give them the contact details.

We do not offer scholarships; your presence will be as a volunteer position. You will have to arrange your own financing and accommodation, and enter the country on a visitors visa.

Thank you.

Tour Guide Training

For those coming for several months, the duties will include learning and giving tours of the Tabernacle. It will mean reading the relevant scriptures until you are familiar with the material and allowing the Holy Spirit to speak from your heart and life experience. In other words, there is not a written script to memorize. You can make your own notes and use them on the tour.

There is a downloadable PDF on the website  under the Virtual Tour transcript section on the Menu: Look for Transcript; this can be a help as to the general content. Style is up to the individual. Some like to give the Tanach (Old Testament) scriptures first and finish with the Brit Hadashsa (New Testament) scriptures. Others like to give Old and New at each item on the tour. Tours are generally 20 minutes but can be expanded as to the wishes of the groups. It means that it is best to have more knowledge on the subject than you normally need. Don’t be afraid of questions you have no experience with; just say you don’t know but will study the scriptures and find out.

The permanent staff are available to help.

volunteer groups
Cathie and Dale

Tabernacle volunteer advice

from Cathy & Dale (volunteers April/May 2018)

  1. Wear comfortable closed toed shoes. Sneakers. The ground is uneven and you will need to walk a bit. The bathroom is about 1/4 mile away from the Tab. But you can always drive!
  2. You can drive in Israel. American license is good for the first 6 months you are there…that’s what we were told. There is a car that is reliable and driving in Eilat is easy. Just figure out roundabouts!
  3. Getting gas is challenging. You need codes and things. The staff of the Tab will help you. And 200 shekels will get you a fill up. They will reimburse you.
  4. Shopping for food is challenging. Do not assume everyone speaks English. They don’t. The nuts, eggs, and produce are amazing and peanut butter and tuna are recognizable and dairy products are wonderful—best butter in the world! But meat was a bit difficult for us. There is a day to buy chicken when it is fresh; Tuesday I believe.
  5. The restaurant at the Tab is really great. Falafel, sacsuka (sp?) and salads etc are wonderful. Pita stuffed with anything is wonderful! Plan to eat your big meal there. Good prices.
  6. Bring a good hat.
  7. And sunscreen.
  8. And lotion. There is a reason that David said God anointed his head with oil…you need it!! It is soooooo dry. Until I figured out to use moisturizer topped with Vaseline, I was wrinkling for Jesus! The Vaseline seems to keep the moisturizer from escaping.
  9. Bring an insulated water bottle to keep the water cool. There is a small shack at the Tab with chairs, air conditioning 🙏😄 and a water cooler. Drink a lot!! You may even want to bring some electrolyte drops to flavor the water…you can get those at Walmart here, before you leave the USA.
  10. Shabbat affects everything. From Friday afternoon until Saturday night, don’t plan to buy food. Nothing is opened. Plan ahead! And we were there during Passover- not a great idea. We didn’t realize how much leaven affects everything! Eight days of no bread!! You may want to avoid Ramadan also if you plan to go anywhere else in the land…many things are closed.
  11. The people yell and talk very loudly. They are not mad at you. That is just the way they talk. Please, thank you, and excuse me are not part of the vocabulary. Smiling a lot is also not typical. But they are lovely and warm and straight forward and helpful and kind once you get on their wavelength! Remember that for the  most part, Israel is an unregenerate country. Don’t expect lost people to act not lost. And Eilat is mostly secular. Actually easier to deal with than the Orthodox!!
  12. You will probably be given a Tabernacle phone with great internet access. It’s Israel!! We used ours as a hotspot. Maybe not a good thing for Tab rates but it works!!
    As for site seeing, you are 3 1/2 hours from Jerusalem. While we were down at the Red Sea, we took advantage of great snorkeling  and beach time and we went to Petra. We were advised not to go to Egypt and the pyramids bc of unrest but it may better for you.  Bring goggles and snorkel and flippers if you have them…it is good to help you go through customs, showing that you are there to have fun!
  13. Worship with everyone on Saturday morning at Kaela, the congregation of Eilat. So awesome. They meet in a bomb shelter and you will need a headset for translation and we cried every time we were there. Worshipping with believers from all over the world… it was wonderful.
    You can get around easily in Eilat with buses and cabs. Cabs are not terribly expensive and they do make life easier. In fact, living there is not expensive. We are super cheap and life was good. The shekel was 3.6 of a dollar when we were there in 2018. It was cheaper to live there than here in Ky.
  14. Now for the important stuff… Study.
    We have taught the Word together for over 25 years and we thought we knew the Tabernacle. We did not. We studied every day we were there—Exodus through Deuteronomy. So much to know!! Such riches of Christ’s fulfillment! We wish we had been studying that material for weeks BEFORE  we came to the Tab and toured groups. We thought we were ready but we were not.
  15. Be prepared for Orthodox Jews to dispute everything you say; and assert weird traditions as though they are absolute truth. We had a young mother who insisted we were uninformed bc we did not have the rabbinic traditions…
    Stick to The Word!! We can’t go wrong!! Don’t be caught off guard; they will try to  derail you. But we know the truth!
  16. Every tour group and individual group is different. Some come to see a living museum, some come bc their tour group had it on their agenda, some come bc they were filling their bottles with sand and thought it would be cool to see that tent in the distance, some come bc of their profound love of Yeshua and His finished work on the cross, some come bc they want to know more or show their children the Tabernacle of their ancestors…be prepared emotionally to  connect; wherever they are.
  17. Ben and Alison are amazing. We worked with Ben almost every day. His knowledge and insistence on being absolutely Biblical was profound. He held us to account and challenged us to be absolutely accurate.   And, he is hilarious and great to be with.
    Alison had a heart attack before we got there so we did not get to actually work with her but she is a scholar… gifted with such knowledge and perception regarding the Tabernacle…we treasured every moment with her and still do.
  18. So, study a lot, pack well and prepare for the adventure of your lifetime…it was the most evangelical thing we have ever gotten to be a part of…to be able to explain the Gospel  from the beginning (we are sinners in need of a Savior and a great exchange took place—the innocent for the guilty) to the glorious end (Christ fulfilled every piece of the Tabernacle) well, it was the best thing ever!
    Enjoy every minute!
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